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Aluminium Plate and Sheet

What is Aluminium Plate and Sheet?

Shropshire stainless and aluminium stock and supply a range of ‘commercial’ and ‘aerospace’ grade aluminium plate. We stock aluminium plate in grades 5083, 6082, 7075, 2024, & 2014, 6061.

We also stock a range of cast Tooling Plate in addition to aluminium sheet in specifications 1050A, 5251, 3103, 5083 and 6082.

We stock a range of ‘tread’ plate from 2mm – 9.5mm in grade 5754.

Aluminium is the name for element 13 on the periodic table and is represented by the element symbol of “Al”. Aluminium has a density lower than those of other common metals, at approximately one third that of steel and its general appearance resembles silver.

Aluminium Plate and sheet is processed aluminium in to flat rectangle forms of varying thicknesses.

What’s the difference between Plate and Sheet?

Aluminium plate and sheet are pretty much the same thing. It has the same grades of metal and sizing for with and length but the clear difference is the sheet thickness. Plate tends to 6mm and above whereas sheet tends to be thicknesses up to 6mm

Aluminium plate thickness:

Aluminium plate 6mm. or thicker

Aluminium sheet thickness:

Aluminium sheet is thinner than 6mm.

How is Aluminium Plate and Sheet made?

Aluminium Plate is processed by passing the metal through high pressure rollers. This forces the metal into a thinner, longer shape that is then cut to size. Overall, it’s a simple process that is also used to produce Aluminium Sheet

What is the difference between Aluminium and Aluminum?

Americans and Canadians spell and pronounce the name Aluminum (sounds like Al-loo-min-um) whereas the British and other regions of the world use the spelling and pronunciation Aluminium ( sounds like al-u-min-e-um) but they are in fact the same thing.

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