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We can offer a wide range of engineering plastics including High Performance plastics, in full lengths & cut to size pieces available in sheet and Rod.


Available as standard nylon in types 6, 66 & 12. Excellent mechanical properties. It is chemically resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones and esters. Nylon is often used as bushes, bearing, pulleys and other wear parts in a wide range of industries. Mos2 filled grades are available for parts requiring higher wear resistance. Also available in glass filled 30%.

Cast Nylons

Cast nylon exhibits an excellent combination of bearing properties, toughness, strength and light weight. Stock shapes are available in an almost limitless size. Also available in oil filled, lubricant filled and heat stabilised.

Acetal Copolymer

This is a crystalline engineering plastic offering excellent mechanical and bearing properties plus dimensional stability, stiffness and low water absorption. It is resistant to hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, alkalis and hot water. It has excellent machining properties. Appropriate uses are bushings, rollers, pulleys and other OEM parts.

Acetal Homopolymer

This is also known by the trade name Delrin ®. This has low water absorption, superior creep resistance, tensile strength and fatigue endurance together with excellent chemical resistance to hydrocarbons, solvents and neutral chemicals. Excellent machining properties. Appropriate uses are wear surfaces in conveyors, bushings, fittings and other mechanical and electrical applications.



PVC is the only general purpose plastic that allows free, wide and seamless adjustment of the required physical properties of products such as flexibility, elasticity, and impact resistance, by adding plasticisers, additives, and modifiers. A highly versatile polymer it is compatible with many additives. It can be plasticized to make it flexible for use in flooring or unplasticised for use in building applications.


Polycarbonate is an amorphous engineering plastic offering toughness, clarity and high heat deflection temperatures. It is often used in the automotive, medical, food & electronic industries as a replacement for metal, glass or wood.


A high performance plastic with high operating temperature, excellent chemical resistance and superior mechanics and bearing properties. Unaffected by steam, common solvents and many chemicals.


Polyethylene & Polypropylene belong in this family. Moderate strength and chemically resistant. They exhibit good impact, wear and flexural fatigue properties. Water absorption negligible Generally used for wear strips, chopping blocks & liners.


Polyester is a semi-crystalline engineering thermos plastic exhibiting excellent wear properties, low water absorption and good mechanical properties. It is used in water purification , food handling equipment and for pump and valve components.


Acrylic is a thermoplastic available in Clear in rod and sheet . Available in a range of colours generally available in 3mm & 5mm sheet. Used in signage, printing, sight glasses and many more applications.


The lowest co efficient of friction of any plastic and can be used un-lubricated. It has a temperature range of 250 deg c and has outstanding resistance to most chemicals. Usual uses are sealing rings, anti corrosion parts, electrical insulation and friction applications. There are many more engineering plastics that we can offer please contact the Bristol branch if you need further advice or information.

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