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New storage racking installed at Shrewsbury


As part of our continual investment we have installed an additional 250 racking locations at Shrewsbury. This not only meets our increased demand for product but fulfills a key part of our continuing efficiency and environmental impact policy.

In summary the NEW racking provides opportunities to

Improve Quality: The improved racking dramatically reduces the risk of material damage by reducing the frequency of moving open packs

Reduce Cost: A considerable benefit of reducing product movement also reduces material damage that can cause scrap and wastage

Be more consistent with Delivery: More uptime on the saws equates to quicker leadtime to improve customer satisfaction

Invest in our People: The new racking has also aided improvements in product management creating a safer environment when moving material

To aid our Continual improvement of the environmental impact of the business we have;

  • Improved the environmental impact of production and delivery activity, significantly reduced vehicle fuel consumption within the warehouse
  • Improved business compliance to meet relevant legal, customer, and third party requirements
  • Improved our health and safety position by where possible, adopting best practice and reducing our exposure to risk.